Marriage Cases:

When you are filing based on marriage to a United States Citizen or a Permanent Resident. Each process is different and guides you to the right filing based on your entry type, current status (if in the United States or outside)


If you are a US Citizen and your life partner lives outside the United States, you can sponsor your fiancé/Fiancée who lives outside the United States after getting engaged and sponsoring them to come into the United States.

Other Immediate Relatives:

We prepare paperwork for all immediate relatives of US Citizens to sponsor their Parents, Child, Adult married child and Siblings.

Other visas:

If you want to visit or study in the United States, we guide you through the process and prepare the paperwork required.


Nonimmigrant Employment visas:

This visa type includes H-1B, L, R where skilled workers (professional, religious) are sponsored on a temporary visa for their skills, education and experience.

Immigrant visa or Greencard:

We provide detailed guide for the PERM process, and EB1 process and Special Immigrant process for Religious and others for you to receive Permanent Residence to the United States.


Nonimmigrant visas:

We specialize in Artist visa or O visas including artists of extraordinary ability. If you have won awards and have distinguished reputation you are eligible to be sponsored on a temporary visa by a US Employer.

Visiting International artists and entertainers and unique performers under the P visa require expertise and paperwork which will showcase their work.

Immigrant visas:

We file the Special Immigrant visas for gaining Permanent Residence to the United States in EB 1 and National Interest Waiver category.



For all visas we provide consular as well as adjustment of status processes.

What is consular processing?

Consular processing occurs when an individual wishing to immigrate to the United States goes to a U.S. embassy or consulate in their home country to complete the application for a green card, or lawful permanent residence.

  • What is adjustment of status?
  • Adjustment of status occurs when an eligible individual files an application to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States without having to go abroad in order to apply for an immigrant visa.