About Us

I am a private Immigration Specialist and Consultant. I started out in Immigration beginning with my own paperwork. I completed my O-1 visa as an artist of extraordinary ability and then did my paperwork for EB 1 visa for my green card as artist of extraordinary ability. Since 2004 I have been working as a Senior Immigration paralegal at top law firms in New York. I have dealt with wide ranging visas from family immigration like [I-130, I-360 (battered
spouse), I-485]; business immigration [L1A, L1B, O-1, H1B, R-1, I-140, PERM, EB1EA, EB1C] to Entertainment like P3, P1B and also Asylum, Cancellation of Removal, Suspension of Deportation and 2nd Circuit Appeals and Mandamus with the Federal Court.  During this time of 12 years I realized just how frustrating and confusing this immigration process could be. The most important criteria to complete these cases are proper paperwork which determines the outcome of a case. With this in mind we started Savvy Legal which consults in immigration and prepare thorough and extensive paperwork for visas at reasonable costs for all who want to come to the United States either to showcase their talent, develop cultures, work and maintain their family as well as
contribute to the US economy or to unite with family. We provide these services at extremely reasonable costs in direct competition with law firms charging exorbitant lawyer fees often costing thousands of dollars. We strive to provide quality work and excellent client satisfaction in this process. At this time, the company consults on Immigration law. 

Quality of work:

For the clients we customize each application to its needs and work with an individual or a company to put the best foot forward. We have completed over hundred cases in the last 2 years and thousands of cases in the last 16 years. We are happy to say that we have about 95% success rate and 99% repeat clients. Our clients range from artists, renowned musicians, international rock bands, Bollywood stars, actors, DJs, contest winners/participants, folk bands, comedians, lifestyle coaches, international business executives, specially skilled executives, students, visitors, family members and religious workers.
Most of the cases do not require a law firm to file the case as it is usually filed by the company or individual petitioner, but the petitions, memos have to be researched with the proper laws and documentation which we strive to do keeping our success rate high and competitive. We are committed to delivering the highest level of legal service. Our goal is to excel in both our legal work product and client service.